by Tom Darling

It¹s the same each time with progress.
First they ignore you,
then they say you¹re mad,
then dangerous,
then there¹s a pause
and then you can¹t find anyone
who disagrees with you.

(Tony Benn)

1. Be more in touch with myself and others at a core level of both spiritual and human beingness.

2. Build interpersonal and communication skills that reinforce a greater sense of community, while promoting individual self-direction toward achieving that end (unity within diversity).

3. Explore ways that information technology and especially the Internet can help us live more cooperatively and compassionately —including the pursuit of new communication and learning opportunities that raise our level of awareness and participation on both a local and global scale.

4. Empower the pursuit of ethical and earth-friendly transformations in lifestyle, culture, and learning opportunities that simplify and rehumanize our daily lives. I seek to participate in those transformations that enable and encourage our innate spirituality and interconnectedness to shine. In turn, I wish to focus on alleviating widespread alienation and self-destructive forms of behavior and social dysfunction. I will seek solutions to the many problems that the misguided use of technology and institutional power and authority — as well as environmental degradation — tend to exacerbate.

5. Develop service opportunities that I will not feel the need to "retire" from. Rather, I embrace the intention of life-long learning and service which cannot be neatly circumscibed or subject to the unnecessary limits or requirements of any particular individual, group, or institution if I am to fully achieve my aforementioned goals. I believe personal, social and institutional integrity are necessary to create a healthy interdependency. I believe that each of us must view ourselves as microcosms within a larger shared macrocosm, and what goes around comes around. Therefore, I seek to learn how to better achieve a balanced full-spectrum approach to living love more responsibly — an approach that I trust will leave us and future generations with much more to celebrate . . . in planetary thanksgiving.

Shifting between states of being,
Why embrace one or the other?
What is the purpose of Life?
Why are we here?
What IS here?
Who wants to know?

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